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Frequently Asked Questions

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In an attempt to make the schedule easier for everyone the website converts the schedule times to your local time zone.

For reference the open ceremony starts at 4:00pm PST (Pacific Standard Time, AMERICA/LOS_ANGELES GMT -7
This is a great question and one we get a lot! The short answer is "no" but we want to do better than that. So let us give a better answer.

PK and THRIVE classes/events are never recorded, as a general policy. There are a few reasons for that.

Recorded events can make folx less likely to share and ask real questions. Live interaction makes for a more interesting event. Accessibility is important to use and so is privacy. Our presenters are amazing! We want folx that can't attend a PK event to reach out and follow our presenters. Most of the educators we work with offer classes on their own, privately, with other organizations, and even sell their own recordings. So if you are getting excited about an event but can't attend live, here are a few things we suggest:

Let us know so we can schedule classes around our members availability. Let us know so we can make sure to repeat a class or bring a presenter back. Reach out to the presenter! We work with world-class presenters that are constantly teaching and we would love to see you follow them and support them!
Pragmatically Kinking offers an amazing lineup of virtual classes throughout the year, you can find more details at
Do you have a class or great idea for a class that you would like to present? Email PK at
Zoom links are available on the class details page the day of the conference.

To make this easier during the conference you can add classes to your Personal schedule.

To do this view the schedule and click on the class that you're interested in. There will be a red button titled "Not Going" (assuming you haven't added it to your personal schedule), click the button and the class will be added to your personal schedule.

Remember that you need to be logged in Click Here to view the links, if you have any trouble at all please use the chat feature below.
Thrive is a huge effort for many people throughout a big part of the year who derive a lot of personal satisfaction from the effort.

A few ways to support Thrive are:

Tell a friend for next year.
Post a message on fetlife with the classes you enjoyed thanking the presenters that volunteered their time.
Leave a note for the producer and staff at
And finally by picking up some great Thrive swag at
Glad you asked, we have a feature for just that.

At the bottom of every class there is a feedback box, feedback sent here can be viewed by staff and will be forwarded to presenters as appropriate.

General feedback can be sent here

All feedback is anonymous so if you would like a response please include your email address.
Thrive was the brain child of Devyn Stone who has put in countless hours over the years, along with his team, to make Thrive possible. You can read more about the whole team here
The Professional or "Pro" Track is for professionals seeking to learn more about the BDSM community and how to help the people with whom they are working. Professionals include, but are not limited to: mental health professionals, life coaches, healers, trainers, educators, and others who actively work at the intersections of mental health and BDSM.
The rest of the Thrive schedule, like past years of Thrive, are workshops, panels, and discussions of community members with lived experience teaching topics for other community members to apply to their individual lives. This year Thrive is adding a Pro Track to create a designated space where professionals who work to support individuals at the intersections of mental health and BDSM can teach and learn skills to be applied in their professional pursuits when working with people in these communities.
Currently, Thrive Professional Track is not offering continuing education units (CEs or CEUs) for sessions attending. However, our Pro Track leads are investigating offering continuing education units (CEs or CEUs) in the future. We can offer a certification of completion for the entirety of the Thrive conference for professionals in states/provinces and/or fields that require proof of continued professional development and competency.