Pronouns: She/Her
45 Years Old
United States, Texas,

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I am a lifestyle Dominant, Sensual and Reactionary Sadist, Primal Hunter and Predator, Cuckoldress, Keyholder and Slave Owner. I prefer 24/7, TPE, polyandrous dynamics with multiple submissive and slave males, and I enjoy sharing my experience through my writing. I have been writing at since 2014, after selling my original blog, which I had since 2002. I am the developer of The FCR Concept. Also, I am known for my teachings on Contemporary Cuckoldry, Liberated Partnerships, and Female-Centric Relationships, which I share on

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Miss Lynn

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  • Miss/Ma'am
  • She/Her

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Email: | FetLife: LSMentor | Twitter: @TheLSMentor

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