Xir Oya

Pronouns: They/He
103 Years Old
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Xir Oya is an artisan of somatic complexity. A Dominant with a fine kink palette... an aesthetic... and a dense skillset. A skill set of marvel, built intensely and meticulously over the span of 4 years with both self-discipline and legacy wisdom from mentors and Dom/mes across the spectrum of experience. An artist of a peculiar sort; A tactician and ultimately a healer through psycho-sensual linguistics, somatic manipulation and energetic acuity. Xir Oya is your current Mr. Maryland Leather 2020-2021, born and raised in Baltimore, MD. Xir Oya is a Millennial Leather Classicist and kink prodigy and the Head-of-Household for the Tribe of Mount Saint Oya. They are acknowledged as a Mxter (Master) in the Leather Community. They have taught at numerous conferences such as International Miss Leather, The Black Sex Workers’ Conference, The Master/slave Conference, Sex Down South, ATL Tantra Fest in Tulum , and including being a Lead Facilitator for EROS Fest LA, . They are a recurring co-host of LGBT Detroit's Annual Winter Pride "Cold As Hell" Fundraiser. Xir Oya believes that it is imperative to both, “Welcome change and embrace fundamental tradition,” in order for the community to continue to evolve effectively. They enjoy travel for conferences, festivals, and any other educational opportunity or experience that they may draw from to evolve their ability. When they're not in a hot scene, they enjoy karaoke, hiking, exploring, and just being Daring.


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