Siren Selene

Pronouns: She/They
33 Years Old
United States, Oregon, Portland

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Hi, call me Selene! I'm a 32-year-old demifemme person. I am queer and polyamorous, and in the kink world, I am a 50/50 split switch and endlessly curious. I moved to Portland, Oregon last summer, and I love the kink scene here. Before that, I was in the Los Angeles kink scene for 12 years. I founded and led two student organizations for kinky college students and was very active in the public scene.

In the neurospicy realm, I live with Major Depressive Disorder and a bunch of fun varieties of PTSD. I also had a traumatic brain injury that left me with retrograde amnesia, amplified my anomia, and made me particularly sensitive to sensory overload. I also identify with many traits of ASD and ADHD, but I don't have a diagnosis. I'm a former Gifted and Talented kid - the burnout is real.

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Siren Selene (she/they)

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I identify as:

  • Handler, Mommy
  • She/Her
  • They/Them
  • Primal
  • Kitten

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Feel free to shoot me a friendly message on Fetlife. I don't accept random friend requests, but follows are cool.

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