queer roo

Pronouns: they/them
32 Years Old
United States, Florida, Greenacres City

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Hello everyone! My pronouns are they.them. I'm a masocist, monogamous, slave, and sometimes I'm a wolf or range between middle to little. Kink idetifites are cross-sectional afterall. I've dabbled in the scene since 2015, but have come to live more within the lifestyle about a year and half ago. I am in a 24/7 M/s dynamic with Mistress Pumpkin. I have also started to walk the leather path under my Mentor, Master Oakman. I am autistic, with a sprinkle of ADHD. I also live with chronic pain. Looking forward to virtually meeting all of you, during great learning opportunities. You can find me on fet under the name queer roo, but you need to ask my Mistress for message and friend requests. Much queer love, roo.


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queer roo

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I identify as:

  • slave
  • They/Them
  • 24/7

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