Pronouns: she/they
34 Years Old
United States, Florida,

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Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, blueberry brings to the table a litany of intersectionality as a pansexual, queer, abuse surviving, poverty surviving, neurodivergent, polyamorous, recovering Christian, Woman of Color. Embodying resiliency is a whole mood. blueberry is proud to bring their share to the table, while simultaneously being the table itself. In the BDSM world blueberry is a service oriented being, providing a wide range of services including: cigar/ash tray, bootblacking and leather care, latex care, culinary, domestic and cleaning, and spa services. blueberry enjoys strict bondage, heavy impact, extreme S&M, degradation, dehunamization, and subjugation as much as possible - but only with those deemed trustworthy of such. 

In the public world, blueberry has a demanding, but fufulling career. In their free time they enjoy lamenting about the world around them, being a hopeless femme, cuddling with their adorable dog, and generally avoiding the public and sunlight as much as possible. Far from a sunshiney disposition, blueberry tends to find beauty in darkness and death and value in healing through destruction - think Kali Maa, but less terrifying. blueberry is a Pagan, a witch, an energy practioner, and worshiper of Serpent Goddesses; Drawing strength from the likes of Meretserger, Melusine, and Medusa.

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