the gurl Yue

Pronouns: the gurl/she/her
102 Years Old
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Master Kaddan's trainee, the gurl, a slave babygurl primal is a curious beastie made of shadows, giggles, a hunger for knowledge and new experiences. This burgeoning presenter is a passionate advocate for giving a voice to all things Dark. Whether talking about littles/middle/teens, babybeings or its journey in and out of slavehood, it has lent its voice to multiple conferences, panels and discussions. Always ready with a wiggly giggly grin to give a helping hand, especially when there are tickles involved it spends much of its time moderating, hosting social hours or volunteering in some form. The gurl is the founder of Dark Little Leather ( where its blog, custom leather collars, cuffs and Dark Little creations live. If all else fails... look into the shadows and listen closely... the gurl is likely there quietly giggling in the brightest darkness.

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the gurl Yue

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