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Master Kaddan Yue, Northeast LeatherWoman 2020-2021 and founding sister of ONYX Pearls NY/Northeast, has more than 40 years experience living the lifestyle. After spending her initial seven years in the lifestyle "training from the bottom up," she has become the third generation of her The House of Yue line. Specializing in long-distance power exchange dynamics and outreach, Master Kaddan identifies as a Transient Transgender woman who has very strong masculine energy, I choose to dress masculine, my honorific is Sir. Master with a primary love is for fem lesbians and currently owns the House of Yue with a mix of females and a male. The structure of the house is trainees, slaves, and property who reside outside of the NYC Metro area.

Master Kaddan emphasizes strong communication skills in all aspects of the lifestyle. She holds a Professional Human Services Degree with emphasis on Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy and previously served for more than 18 years federal and state-level forensic populations including violent offenders, individuals with mental health issues, and individuals coping with HIV/AIDS. Now retired, her focus has shifted to being a Life Coach Consultant, building her household, the M/s community, and volunteering.

As part of her advocacy for healthy power exchange relationships and desire to broaden the definition of the BDSM community, Master Kaddan embraced technology to help share best practices, practical application, and mentoring beyond the bounds of real-time traditional Leather settings.

"While some may dismiss any platform other than Real Life, there are millions of individuals around the world unable to access real-life interactions safely or easily connect with the elders in our communities. Younger generations use technology to connect over time, distance, and cultural divides. The BDSM and Leather communities should also embrace technology to share critical introductory information concerning our lifestyles."

In 2011, Master Kaddan’s outside the box thinking led her to the Second Life (SL) platform, where she identified a gap in the online virtual world’s BDSM groups, Master/slave dynamics were often misrepresented and/or misinterpreted. To help fill the gap, she developed within the Second Life platform The Art of Submission (AOS), an education-focused Master/slave venue to host unique lifestyle-related discussions with facilitators who are active in their Real-Life Communities. AOS does 4 discussions a week, I am currently doing Thursday reaching 10 to 25 people per discussion.

"I was taught that service can have many faces, so I’ve harnessed Second Life as one of the many ways to explore and promote healthy D/s and M/s dynamics. The question is simply, ‘Are you open-minded?'"



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Master Kaddan

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2021-04-24 15:45:00NeuroConvergentâ„¢Room 3
2021-04-24 18:15:00Who Are You?Room 3
2021-04-24 21:45:00The Awareness of Mental Health and Power ExchangeRoom 3
2021-04-24 21:45:00Social Room 2 OpenRoom 4
2021-04-24 23:15:00Mask On/ Mask Off: A QTBIPOC discussionRoom 1
2021-04-25 17:30:00Real Talk: Conversations About Mental Health and PE/AT RelationshipsRoom 1
2021-04-25 18:45:00Kinky and in RecoveryRoom 1
2021-04-25 23:00:00Combined PanelRoom 4
2021-04-26 01:15:00Closing CeremonyRoom 4

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