Pronouns: They/She
102 Years Old
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VerziiK is a bi+ femme Afro-Latina based in Connecticut, USA. Due to their trauma history, they have focused heavily on healing, reintegration, and shadow work through therapy, reflection, and using tarot/oracle cards as a backdoor to the subconscious. After being diagnosed with ADHD Inattentive-Type in 2021, VerziiK is now on a new journey, making changes to their day-to-day life and shifting their perspective from failure to flourishing. VerziiK has presented POC and LGBTQ+ discussion panels for NELA's Winter Fetish Flea Fair from 2019-2020 and Kink Between the Lines 2021-2022. VerziiK's article, “Kink Belongs to All of Us: Committing to Inclusion,” was featured in the 3rd Issue of the Summer 2021, Rogue Gazette under their former handle, Anima.

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