nymeria wolf

Pronouns: she/they
52 Years Old
United States, Wisconsin, Madison

Thrive Virtual Conference Bio:

please call me nym (rhymes with whim). my pronouns are she/they. if these things interest you, i'm a leo sun & moon, sag rising, infp, and an enneagram type four. i am shy but sassy, playful and poly, curvy and cuddly, feminist and femme, cranky and creative, possibly a vampire and definitely a geek.

my sexuality doesn't fall under any singular label, so i identify as queer; i'm definitely not straight or vanilla. i'm also pansexual, demi, and ace. my kinkuality (is that a word?) doesn't fall under any singular label either. i am primal and submissive, often a brat, sometimes switchy, and i have a little side. i don't identify as furry but i love people who do, and their fursuits. i don't identify as little, but my little side likes to come out and play at times. when i am in littlespace, i am very much not sexual.

my poly is kitchen table anarchy: a blend of kitchen table poly and relationship anarchy. all members of my polycule are welcome at my kitchen table but not required to be there. i enjoy being friendly with my metas but respect their boundaries if that's not their jam. my poly may not be your poly and that's okay. i live with my house spouse, who's shared nearly half of my life with me, and i'm in a D/s with my plus one, and enjoy several comets in my constellation. my house spouse is polaris, my plus one is regulus.

i was diagnosed this year with adhd, and suspect i am likely on the spectrum as well. i am healing from ptsd and an abusive relationship, working on healing a toxic relationship, and coming to terms with the rest of my trauma history. i've lived with depression for most of my life, and finally found my happy recently.

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nym (she/they)

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  • submissive
  • Primal
  • Kitten

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