Pronouns: she/her
103 Years Old
United States, Massachusetts,

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I have been kinky for as long as I can remember. From adolescence to present-day, I've been into BDSM. It was only in 2019 that I began to actively engage with the fetish communities and scenes in my area.

As it was for everyone and everything, the pandemic deeply impacted my ability to engage with others and permanently altered how I view the world around me. The bulk of my early time in the scene involved building online community through FetLife and Discord, where I spent an enormous amount of time speaking with veteran kinksters and learning about important aspects of what we do in this lifestyle. With two other women, I created a website dedicated to free education and resources for kinksters, new and old alike.

KYNK 101 is a project that I am immensely proud of, and the hours of time and energy spent in creating this valuable resource allowed me to learn an incredible amount about the lifestyle while also giving back in return. The site is still growing - albeit at a much slower pace as the other founders and I gather spoons - but I encourage you to puruse it and to enjoy the breadth of diverse ways we can be kinky.

As the world has begun to open back up, I have found myself currently without much of an in-person scene, as the bulk of groups and organizers in my area practice BDSM and kink in ways that I am not comfortable with or cannot relate to. As a sober human, I find it difficult to attend events where alcohol is the focus. Similarly, it has been my experience that many organizers and participants in the scene are not sympathetic to the voices of marginalized individuals, or to those who express concerns about problematic people or unsafe practices.

As a result, I mostly keep kink to myself these days, but hope to accumulate enough spoons in the future to begin organizing my own events and activities. I am solo polyamorous, and currently have one long-distance partner with whom I share a committed, largely scene-based DDbg dynamic. Some of my favorite roles in BDSM include: submissive/babygirl/brat; masochist, Sadist, fetishist (lingerie, leather), sensualist, rope bottom. 

In other parts of my life, I am an owner of a psycho-cat named Gandalf, a poet and spiritual explorer, and currently making a career change that has led me back to graduate school. I have Major Depression, Generalized Anxiety, and occassionally exihibit OCD-like behaviors, though I have no formal diagnosis. I believe in the power of prescription drugs, self-care, exercise, therapy, and meditation. I think each person's journey in their own mental health involves a specific mix of at least two of these elements, but not necessarily all of them, though for me, each of these has been critical to my own wellbeing.

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