Pronouns: she/her
102 Years Old
United States, Massachusetts,

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Hi, I'm Shadow! I'm excited to be at this conference. I'm essentially a kinkster at heart, but my roles tend to change depending on the person I'm with, be it submissive, Sadist, primal, or voyeur. I'm co-founder of, a free website dedicated to kink and BDSM education. I've been kinky my whole life, but only began engaging with the community in 2019. On the mental health side, I was diagnosed with Major Depression at age 16 and Generalized Anxiety at age 20.

In the past four or five years, I've been doing an incredible amount of "me" work and have worked to shed toxic behaviors and move on from childhood and adult traumas. I believe that BDSM has deeply psychological components that are worthy of exploration and greater understanding, and I look forward to thought-provoking conversations and presentations over this weekend.

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Subtle Shadow

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  • She/Her

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If you're interested in contacting me, please DM through FetLife @SubtleShadow. 

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