Pronouns: She/her
51 Years Old
United States, New Mexico, Albuquerque

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Hello everyone. I am a married mother of two adult children and one 5-year old grandson. I have an amazing supportive husband. My husband is my Sir and I am his collared Ladybug, we live in Albuquerque New Mexico, we are a married monogomous D/s couple. I am unemployed after leaving my career of 13 years in the legal field as a legal assistant and paralegal. I suffered a metal health breakdown at work and decided it was time to focus on me and my mental health. During this journey I discovered self-care..hum, who would have thought it would take me until I was 50 and my kids were grown from me to find out that I should have been taking care of me as well. I have been doing the work and started therapy. At the beginning of the year I decided it was time, I visualized and manifested a dream of opening a studio where women can get together in a place of acceptance, peace and joy. A place where we can have open, and honest communication, where we can learn to take those skills home. A place where we can discuss our sexuality without shame, fear, or anxiety. A place to get together and meditate, yoga, book club, sip tea, vision boarding, art therapy. A place to lift each other up. I set a goal so I would have a date to focus on for getting my ducks in a row to make my dream a reality. In that process I started researching becoming a certified health coach. Not exactly sure where this journey will take me, but I am so excited to help myself and others be the best version of themselves.

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  • sensual submissive
  • 24/7
  • She/Her

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