Pronouns: he/him
23 Years Old
United States, Florida,

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My bread ‘n butter is primal, blood, and sharp & pointy things: needles, scalpels, hooks, knives, biting & scratching, inkless tattoos AKA bloodlining, blood cupping, bloodletting & consumption, vampirism, sutures, staples, barbed wire & thorns, porcupine quills, etc.
Big rough body play bottom… I love punching & being punched — primal scenes can end up like boxing/wrestling matches. I adore marks & marking others, and enjoy us both aching, bloodied ‘n bruised by the end of it.
Also enjoy fire, energy play, rope & metal bondage, cannakink/cannabis service, wax, breath play & control, sacrilegious play, impact, sensation play & sensory deprivation, biting & scratching, face slapping, cigar service, cerebral play (mindfucks, fear play, CNC, crying & catharsis play, humiliation/degradation, etc), and straight razor shaving.
Leather fetishist, cheirophiliac (hands), latex/rubber, Sanguinarian, monsterfucker, dacryphiliac (tears or sobbing), smoking fetishist, vorarephiliac (fantasy/consensual anthropophagy)

I FLAG: Both/Center (Switch/Vers) or Left (Top)
‣ Black (S&M)
‣ Maroon (Blades - Cuts/Bleeds)
‣ Houndstooth (Biting)
‣ Purple (Piercer)

I'm just a weird feline-hybrid amalgamation with a fondness for smaller wild cats such as Servals, Ocelots & Margays, Bobcats & Lynx, Caracals, Cheetahs, Pumas, Leopards, Borneo Bay Cats & Asiatic Golden Cats, so on and so forth. My feline identity also extends to anything cat-like, such as the extinct Smilodon (Saber-tooth Cat), or the mythical Sphinx, Manticore, Bastet, Werecats, and other similar cryptids & ghouls.

Not all BDSM is sexual for me (especially being demi). To me, it's… a life, a skill, an extreme hobby, an experience, a performance, a craft, a community, a family, a home, a connection, a catharsis, and an art form. I tend to be comfortable bottoming for the same play I top for, and vice versa. Sometimes it really is just about queer kinky leathersex though.

My favorite scenes are ones with warmth, closeness, and connection. Cold and clinical puts me -- in my own scenes -- in a bad headspace. I love fun, out-there scene ideas! If we can’t laugh during play then why am I even here!


Zoom Name:

Apollo — SEBB ‘22-‘23

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I identify as:

  • Bootblack
  • Primal
  • He/Him

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FetLife: @ApolloBound

FaceBook: @ApolloIsBound

Instagram: @creaturepoet


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