Pronouns: He/Him
60 Years Old
United States, Virginia,

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Know also that our primary focuses right now are on advancing our careers, renovating our home, and charting our future together as we prepare for "what's next" after retirement, which leaves little time for nurturing romantic relationships. Please take our time constraints under consideration if you are looking for a primary partner or a play partner who you would want to meet on a frequent basis. That said, we love making new friends and enjoy playing with others at events, separately or together.

I intentionally bring positive energy into whatever room I am in, and I take great pleasure in empowering others. I don't suffer fools AT ALL. I will fiercely protect who and what I love, and I am quite good at defining and enforcing boundaries. If you are a shit-stirrer, it is in your own best interest to do so elsewhere.

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Va Razz

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  • 24/7
  • He/Him

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I can be found on Fet  VaRazz

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