Mxster Mita

Pronouns: They Them
45 Years Old
United States, California, San Diego

Thrive Virtual Conference Bio:

Mxster Mita (or just Mita) is a multi-ethnic, genderqueer, kinky fucker whose BDSM is intimately entwined with their spirituality.  Mita has been modifying bodies using various modalities since the 1990s. Mita has since been combining body modification, S&M, and spiritual rituals. Mita is Head of House Anchor, a Leather family dedicated to supporting each other in personal growth and service to the community. Mita is a co-producer of Ritual Steel, a ritual-piercing event that provides a unique spiritual and educational experience. Mita volunteers their time at events to create a safe space for anyone interested in education, enjoyment, and growth in BDSM and energy-focused spirituality.

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