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Skaetlett (he/they) is an erotica writer and kinkster active in mostly the hypnosis kink community. His most well-known stories are Bouquet Bound and How to Pay Your College Loans. He also enjoys D/s, roleplay, impact play, and lifestyle D/s. He has been active in the scene for most of his adult life, and has presented through Wicked Grounds, Charmed, and various other platforms. When not doing any of that, he enjoys watercolor painting, video games, spending time with his cat, and beating the next level of Ring Fit Adventure.

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Kink and Plurality

Class Description

How do kink experiences intersect with plurality? Are some parts switchy, some inclined towards dominance, and some submissive? How do you explain or disclose plurality to your partners? What happens when a switch occurs mid-play? In this presentation/open discussion, we'll be discussing the many aspects of plurality/multiplicity and how they work with kink and BDSM. Inclusive to all plural systems.


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