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Zak, also known as Havok, is a slutty, queer, sex positive, St. Bernard puppy and relationship anarchist. He has been able to explore the larger kink and fetish world and the people in it by advocating for consent, sex, pleasure, and justice for all. He is a switch leaning submissive and discovered the leather and kink community in 2012 and has been barking up the right and sometimes wrong trees ever since. He is proud, though still a little tired, to have served as both Tri-state Puppy 2017 and IPC International Puppy 2019. A community educator, feminist, collared submissive, and Bootblack, he currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana where he can be found writing about sex, relationships, kink education, and engaging in other hedonist activities to subvert the heterosexist upbringing he experienced.

Who will be presenting:

Covers, Cuffs, and Squirrels: BDSM, ADHD, and You

Class Description

This class is all about demystifying and debunking(what we feel) is the most inaccurately labeled diagnosis in the DSM5. Whether you lead or follow, top or bottom, ADHD affects every aspect of what we do. Be prepared for laughs, realizations, and squirrels along the way.

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