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Shaun/OldSchoolBabyBat (he/him) is a kinky, queer trans man in a relationship with his long-term partner. He is multiply disabled, chronically ill, and neurodivergent and he can usually be found with his nose in several books.


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Who will be presenting:

A Little Catharsis: Navigating 24/7 Big/little Relationships

Class Description

This class will be about how ageplay and little dynamics can provide catharsis and help improve mental health. It will have a particular emphasis on navigating 24/7 Caregiver/little relationships in daily life. It will especially look at how such dynamics can provide ballast with a focus on experiencing them with chronic illnesses, disabilities, mental illnesses, and neurodivergence. It will talk about things like how to mange "adulting" and avoid indefinite escapism in the dynamic, as well as how to not lose sight of the dynamic while coping with the responsibilities of life. Most of the content will come from my lived experience of engaging full-time in this type of dynamic since 2018, and part-time for many years before. I will be happy to take questions, with the caveats that I am only one person, and I may not know the answer. I would also really love to encourage audience participation and have sections for communal brainstorming