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Brynn Mack


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Brynn Mack identifies as a bisexual, femme, leather girl, little, and bootblack. she is honored to be in loving service to her Master, Master David, for over 9 years. Together they served as your 2019/2021 International Master and slave titleholders.

Brynn is the founding secretary/treasurer of San Joaquin girls of Leather and the secretary of MAsT: Bakersfield. she is a member of MAsT: North Hollywood, the Bakersfield BDSM Munch Group, and the Bakersfield Bottoms Club. Brynn was honored to be the keynote speaker at Pandemonium in the Prairies in 2019. 

she is a founding member of the House of Dark Shadows, a Power Exchange focused, multi-ethnic, and pansexual Leather House. Along with Master David, she is the owner/producer of FLAME Conference, a three-day entirely online educational event. Together they are also Caretakers of the West Coast section of the Leather Quilt. 

Currently, Brynn resides in California with her Master, and her ever-growing collection of stuffies. she enjoys reading, cooking, football, and traveling. To learn more about her go to

Who will be presenting:

Littles & Mental Health Panel

Panel Description

Join our diverse panel from both the top and bottom sides in a safe space as we explore mental health and being a little/middle/teen. Our questions will journey through the joys, struggles, coping mechanics, comforts, and how our partners can support us when it comes to our mental health as a little/middle/teen. Bring your stuffies, blankets, friends, and questions for a time of connection, acceptance, and self-discovery.


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