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Reverend Deborah Harrison but I also known as Lady D. I am a Lifestyle Domina and I have been in the lifestyle for over 30 years. I am also an ordained minister. I am a certified master hypnotherapist and I truly believe in holistic healing of mind, body and spirit. For almost fourteen years I ran (People Exchanging Power), P.E.P Atlanta a BDSM pansexual support and social group in Atlanta Georgia and in 2001, I created People Exchanging Power for People of Color. I also am the founder and past President of the Onyx Pearls Southeast and I helped to re-launch OPSE, a women's sorority focused on female camaraderie, empowerment, community awareness and service.

My personal commitment is to help make this community stronger and to continue Jill Carter's philosophy of Each One, Teach One. If there is any way that I can serve, I offer my services to you. Remember to give your time, your money and your love to all of those in this community that selflessly give to you. I am eternally grateful to those who have helped me on my journey and now I would like the opportunity to 'pass it forward.'


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Facebook: LadyDAtlanta
Twitter and Instagram: @ladydatlanta
FetLife: ladydpep

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Communications in Professional Kink

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Mental Illness - It's Not a Dirty Word

Class Description

Mental Illness is one of those elephants in the room that you try to ignore. We go along pretending that it doesn’t exist and then act surprised when disaster strikes. We have put such a negative stigma on mental illness that people in the community are afraid to disclose when they have it or are walking around untreated because they are afraid to be diagnosed with it. This class is going to discuss mental illness, what it is, how it affects our relationships and our community. We will talk about ways to dispel the stigma and what things that we can do to help and understand this illness. People are hurting and dying because we keep ignoring this elephant. We have got to change that so let’s talk about it.

Opening Keynote

Keynote Description

Therapeutic Scenes Ain't Therapy

Class Description

In this dual moderated class Lady D & Sir Phoenix Black will discuss the how a Theraputic scene may provide temporary catharsis for, or may reveal to deep physical or psychological trauma. Sir Phoenix will discuss how the biochemistry and neurology behind an intense scene and how it can unearth memories and trauma. Lady D will discuss how these epiphanies and memories can, and should be used as a springboard to true mental healing. BDSM is NOT therapy but it can be a springboard on the road to healing. Be prepared to fully geek out on hard science and embrace mental healing.

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