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Zach is a self-proclaimed nerd, sex geek and consent junkie. He has been actively polyamorous for ten years and kinky for even longer than that. Zach became interested in consent as a topic more than five years ago as a personal research project. He is currently working towards a Master’s of Social Work degree at the University of Houston to be of even more benefit to his community.

Zach lives, works, laughs, and loves in Houston, Texas where he is a proud member of the Houston Chapter of the National Leather Association (NLA-Houston), Zach enjoys listening to and playing music, converting from a fat boy to a runner, all things Star Trek, reading, gaming, hockey, cooking and being owned and loved by rescue dogs including a spoiled rotten boxer named Jadzia.

Zach has served on polyamory and kink discussion panels, conducted workshops, and recorded podcast episodes on the subjects of polyamory, consent and kink. He is also a proud advocate for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and a proud member of the Board of Directors for Loving More. Zach’s website is

Who will be presenting:

BIPOC Discussion

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*This will be a BIPOC only discussion*

We will discuss challenges faced by marginalized groups with regard to finding, entering, and surviving various kink communities. We will also discuss how we came to find our "position" within the kink community, particularly in light of any neurodivergence that intersects with racial difference. We will also talk about changes we have seen and would like to see in the larger kink community as a whole. 

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