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Kitty Stryker is a feminist writer, anarchist activist, Juggalo anthropologist, and authority on developing a consent culture in alternative communities.

Kitty is the founder of, a website that ran for 6 years as a hub for LGBT/kinky/poly folks looking for a sex critical approach to relationships. The site was relaunched in 2017 to support her book, "Ask: Building Consent Culture", an anthology through Thorntree Press released in 2017 and she is currently updating it for 2021. 

Currently, Kitty is a co-organizer of International Festival of Consent, otherwise known as #IDoConsent, which happens in late November. You can learn more about that project here. She's also working on her next book, "Love Rebels: A Practical Guide to Activist Relationships". It will be an exploration into how to have sustainable, healthy relationships while being an activist (and how to care for an activist!) She is also working on creating consent content on Tiktok

Kitty tours internationally speaking at universities and conferences about feminism, sex work, body positivity, queer politics, and more. Yes, she wants to speak in your town! She lives in Oakland, California with her two cats, Camus and Bataille.

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Beyond the Leather Couch

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Kinksters and therapists have a lot in common - a fascination with the human psyche, a thirst for uncovering new knowledge... and a historical fondness for leather furniture! But why would a person seeking to examine their sexual history and desires choose to go to a professional dominant instead of to a counsellor? Who are the professional dominants they go to, and how do they guide these intrapersonal explorations? In my presentation, I address these questions and attempt to peel back some of the mystery of my work as a prodomme - and how it often has therapeutic applications/impact.

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