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Stabbie (they/them) is white, queer, agender, non-monogamous, property. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Therapist specializing in kink, non-monogamy, and alternative relationship styles, Stabbie is passionate about creating and holding space for others to explore their authentic selves while honoring that many must mask their identities to keep themselves safe within the systems they navigate. With a background in sex therapy and mental health, they utilize their insight from professional and lived experiences to enhance and inform their educational approach. Stabbie lives with their Owner in Portland, OR where they have been active in the kink and leather community since 2015.

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Kinking and Feeling

Class Description

Most of us have heard the phrase “sit with your feelings,” a vague instruction often used in the mental health field. However, we are not always taught how to do that, or the tools are too normative and inaccessible.  In this workshop, Stabbie aims to combine their lived experience and mental health training to explore ways to utilize kink as a conduit for sitting with our feelings. We will look at the different mindsets we create in play, the tools we already have, and how they are applicable to understanding and navigating our emotions. The experiences shared throughout this workshop are from a bottoming and right side of the slash perspective.