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Ruby Cooper


Profile Details

Ruby Cooper is a Licensed Social Worker, a harm reduction advocate, the 2023 Animal International petplay titleholder, and founder of The Brighty Project. Ruby focuses their work on building community for LGBTQ youth and educating the public on queer mental health, sexual health, and substance use issues. Ruby is proudly black, queer, and autistic and has lived experience as an addict in recovery.

Who will be presenting:

BDSM and Substance Use

Class Description

People have been mixing sex and drugs for hundreds of years. What are the issues involving substance use in the modern kink scene? How can one learn to enjoy sex and kink again after addiction, when the two might have been intricately intertwined? Is consent possible when drugs are involved? Explore this topic with Ruby Cooper, a recovered addict and harm reduction advocate.

Who will be presenting:

D-Type Neurodivergence and Power Exchange Panel

Panel Description

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a neurodivergent dominant, we have got just the thing! Come join us for an informative panel. We will have panelists on the left side of the slash talk about their lived experiences. Some partners may be available to provide insight into navigating a dynamic when one or both partners are neurodivergent..