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Micah (they/he) is a deaf/disabled transgender person focused on the behind-the-scenes aspects of fueling social justice for & with other deaf/disabled folks. Micah identifies as a solo-polyamorous, queer, secret agent of instigative chaos as they explore the unique ways in which consent & support can take form.


Rarely found without a fiber crafting project within arms’ reach, Micah often keeps themself busy by diving headfirst into learning new skills as well as new methods of creating accessibility within various communities, keeping in line with their personal belief that “Access is Love.” They also have begun facilitating discussions on navigating the layered circumstances of alternative relationships within the disability communities.

Who will be presenting:

Dissociative Intimacy: Navigating boundaries when there's more than one of you

Class Description

When participating in dynamics and exploring new relationships, how might a system navigate the discussion of boundaries & consent? What details should be disclosed? In this class, we will hold a conversation about the practicalities of relationships & one-time events, and how that is impacted by a greater need for self-accountability. We will also discuss how to plan for mid-scene incidents, how it may look to renegotiate boundaries, & in what ways do follow-up dialogues play unique roles?


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