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Vanessa Rochelle

(Fae | She | Her | Faerie Princess)

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Vanessa Rochelle is a lush bodied, lush gendered, neurospicy, sensory seeking, Faerie Princess Mermaid Gangsta for the Revolution from South Central, Los Angeles. When Faerie Princess isn't being a system of sugar plum brats to her Domme-pling Prince Bri, fae is the Director of Programs at Positive Results Center (a trauma healing and domestic violence prevention organization in South Central), the Author of upcoming book Reclaiming UGLY!: A Radically Joyful Guide for Unlearning Oppression and Embracing Your Ugly (2024), and Founder of the Reclaim UGLY movement.

At home, LilNessa is a little, a middle, a sensual-emotional support sub, a switchy sadomasochist, and very frequently in trouble. She likes cracking silly jokes, rapping in her made up language Opalocho, chase the whimsy of her imagination, collaborating on artsy-social justice projects with fellow dope creatives, and orchestrating coos with all the good kids she converted to the bratside. Fae fiercely believes in Princess Supremacy and will wrestle you into submission in defense of its honor. Bow down, Tamers.

Vanessa is friendly. Feel free to reach out to her!


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Join us as we close out another amazing weekend at THRIVE! Closing ceremonies include a fantastic keynote address, our gratitude ceremony, and of course the announcement of the next THRIVE!