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Beast (he/him) is a pansexual, poly Leatherman, a Master, a Biker, Bodybuilder, Cigar Snob, Rigger and Pyromancer. He is a Gentleman and a Beast. As a kink & lifestyle presenter/educator, He enjoys sharing his knowledge of various soft and hard skills through skill share events, demonstrations, formal classes and mentorships. Beast is the Head of the Leather House Maison de Beast and also hosts Dynamic Leadership, a monthly livecast for those in or curious about relationships that involve the conscious and consensual exchange of power and authority as well as the Leather and kink communities in general. Beast and his slave echo are the Colorado Master/slave titleholders for 2019, 2020 & 2021. As a devotee of M/s and authority exchange dynamics and a member of a poly triad, Beast has become a passionate advocate of effective communication skills. He is committed to a path of self-mastery and enjoys sharing his story and personal philosophy with others.

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Those of us who live with our own mental health challenges are often labeled neurodivergent – meaning we process and respond to situations and information in ways that differ from the norm. For many of us, this divergence can create significant barriers to intimacy and our ability to connect to one another. In this class, Beast and Echo will talk about the way these barriers have impacted their relationship, and the tools and strategies they’ve developed that allow two neurodivergent individuals to create a NeuroConvergent™ dynamic.

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