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Mx. Singh, Naukara, is an unapologetically queer and trans, sociopathic, Deaf, disabled, Sikh, slave has been both Owned and Owner in separate M/s dynamics. They have been active in the BDSM and Leather Community for two decades. Naukara has spent eight years in a Master’s collar, six with a collared slave of their own, and has over ten years of butler experience. Mx. Singh's slave Eyon is queer, trans, disabled, neurodivergent, and has experience on both sides of the slash but rests most comfortably in submission. Together T/they use role play, protocol, and service to deepen the psychological and emotional dynamics of T/their Ownership dynamic.


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Who will be presenting:

A Sociopath's Guide to Good Mastery

Class Description

Antisocial personality disorders have bad reputations and the belief is that a relationship with a sociopath could never be healthy, as if a lack of remorse means a lack of accountability. However, with the right information, structure, and principles, it is possible to create well functioning consensual relationships regardless of our neurotypes. Whether you're a dominant wanting to learn how to ethically access sadism and structure how you control, or a submissive who likes those of Us who make you squirm in fear, come learn ways to exchange power and edge play without harming or getting harmed. Join Mx. Singh, who is unencumbered by empathy, and Their slave Eyon, who is prey with a sensitive soul, as T/they discuss what makes a good dynamic, what is psychologically unhealthy, and how to use neurodivergence as a tool. It is possible to hold power responsibly and responsively while also staying true to what drives and motivates Y/you in Y/your role, using the best practices of a sociopath.

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