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My name is Kit Amreik and my pronouns are they and/or she. I am a 27 year old pansexual, non-binary trans woman from Boston. I am an activist working to serve the community at large and creating gentle & tender realms of radical possibility modeling for all. Some of my core values are integrity, veracity and receptiveness. In order to practice activism, advocacy and real time praxis to support comrades, it is imperative to me to hold these tenets close to me as I do the work. In addition to the aforementioned, I am also a Global Restorative and Transformative Justice Practitioner and Facilitator, versed in facilitating harm circles and community accountability processes for organizations and collectives; furthermore, I teach TJ classes and I hold space for all to learn and engage with this concept, and then share and spark conversations within communities to transform themselves.

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Transformative Justice & Informed Consent

Class Description

This workshop will be an insight on how transformative justice can be applied to kink, and how tools like the theory and tools of restorative inquiry + non-violent communication, shame reactions and transformative accountability mechanisms.


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