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Reb Holmberg (aka Amanda Wildefyre) is a non-binary, omnisexual sex educator currently training with the Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment, and recently retired from professional domination after a career spanning three decades. They have taught predicament bondage, heavy bondage, feminization, CBT and clinic fetish-related workshops since the early '90s. It is Reb's passion to bring their experiences with thousands of players over the last 30 years to serve the mental health field through education.

Who will be presenting:

Freedom and Anxiety: How Bondage Captivates the Nervous Bodymind

Class Description

Consensual bondage play has long been known to elevate sensation and sexual pleasure, but what role does it play in mental health? Socially-acceptable restraints such as weighted blankets and napping hoods have recently become popular antidotes to panic attacks, insomnia and depression. Through video, slideshow and group discussion, we will examine immobility and sensory deprivation from a BDSM standpoint, exploring the physiological effects present in a wide range of bondage experiences.  How do different bondage practices, positions, materials, textures, levels of pressure and degrees of sensory deprivation affect the nervous system? From a mental health perspective, how do our everyday freedoms stifle us, and how can bondage set us free?


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