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Though they started playing with self-hypnosis in 2006, Dragonfly / Annalise de Fere didn't find out there was an online hypnokink community until October 2020. They have been an enthusiastic, active member ever since. A panromantic nonbinary asexual, they often describe themself as "queer hipster" because "it's a pretty obscure label; you've probably never heard of it". At home, they are 24/7 Dom to their dear subsband, Squirrel. They are also the thrall who eagerly serves Sire (Memermancer on Discord).

Who will be presenting:

Fawn Panel

Panel Description

The panelists will discuss fawning behavior / reaction. Yes, as in "fight, flight, freeze, fawn", but focusing specifically on the fawn part. We'll be discussing what that might look like from the outside, what it might feel like from the inside, and possible ways to deal with it both as the person experiencing it and as a person who caused it. Also, because we are perverts, we will probably discuss eliciting the fawn response for fun (with consent!) during play!


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