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JustRob (He/Him/His) has been involved in the public community in Jacksonville, FL since 2008. He identifies primarily as a Top and a Leatherman, but on occasion takes on the roles of Sadist, Dominant, Leader, Mentor and Teacher. He leads the committee that runs the local group Alternative Lifestyles Enthusiasts (A.L.E.), he "organizes" the weekly Taco Tuesdays event, and is a historian for The Leather Quilt Project. He is especially passionate about and active in the local polyamory group. His areas of experience are primarily in; impact play (everything from fists and palms to whips and everything in between), electricity (specifically the violet wand) and medical play (focused on play piercing and staples), in general he is a reaction junkie who craves blood and other bodily fluids. Overall however his passion is helping people find their way in this lifestyle and helping those who have already found it to navigate it safely and grow personally.

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Alternative Relationships and Mental Health during the Pandemic

Discussion Description

The Pandemic has impacted the whole world, but it has been uniquely impactful to humans involved in alternative lifestyles (BDSM, Leather, Power Exchange, and anybody following under the umbrella of Ethical Non-Monogamy) and humans who are neurodivergent. This discussion is intended to be a safe space for individuals to share space and seek support in the challenges they've faced during the Pandemic. The intention of this discussion is to share and explore the impact of the pandemic, not the should or shouldn't of the world. Bring your compassion, empathy, and vulnerability, please leave your prejudices at the door.

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Barbed Wire

Class Description

Barbed Wire, a.k.a The Devil's Rope is a very versatile edge play implement. In this class, we will explore the use of barbed wire for bondage, for predicament, for impact, for aesthetics, and for blood. We will also discuss some safe handled best practices and hygiene concerns with regards to playing with barbed wire. Come learn that Barbed Wire is not just for cattle!

Failure is not an Option its a Requirement

Class Description

In this interactive session, we will discuss the issue of failure (or mistakes) in BDSM communities. Making and learning from mistakes is an important component of success. However, in the culture of S/M, Leather, and BDSM we have placed a significant amount of taboo around failure that doesn't in my view truly recognize the value of failure on our individual paths. This session will discuss this in detail and brainstorm some ways we can change this and set more positive and constructive cultural norms.




Class Description