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Raven Kaldera is a queer FTM transgendered intersexual shaman. He is the author/editor of 42 books, including "Hell on Wheels: Disabled Dominants", and "Mastering Mind: Dominants With Mental Illness and Neurological Dysfunction". He and his slaveboy Joshua have been teaching and presenting workshops regularly for many years to the BDSM, Neo-Pagan, Sex/Spirituality, transgender, and other communities. Raven is the 2014 Northeast Master titleholder, and He lives with his big poly family on a homestead in Massachusetts. 'Tis an ill wind that blows no minds.

Who will be presenting:

But I Can't! Communicating Obstacles in Power Dynamic Relationships

Class Description

What happens when the master gives and order and the s-type thinks it can't be done? How do we communicate these difficulties in ways that don't make us revert to egalitarian language and assumptions? This class will discuss how we can communicate around obstacles in ways that don't demoralize either party, and make the power dynamic into an aid rather than a burden. We'll also talk about how to do this in public places where unusual speech patterns are a liability.



Communications in Professional Kink

Panel Description

Double Edge: BDSM & Transgender

Class Description

From the man or woman who cross-dresses for the first time as part of a BDSM scene, to the transsexual who is trying to figure out which play parties they can attend, being transgendered in the BDSM scene is both a blessing and a challenge. At the same time, a remarkably high percentage of transgendered people identify with leathersex - why? We'll discuss how BDSM roleplaying lends itself to gender play, struggle with the political implications of being gender transgressive perverts, talk about what happens to D/s roles when people change gender roles, and remind folks of what we have to teach the larger community. For transgendered folks of all stripes, their partners, friends and allies, and anyone who's curious about the intersection of kink, power exchange, and the gender spectrum.

Mastering Around Our Scars

Class Description

This class is for M-types only (you get to self-identify).

When we talk about experiences of trauma and PTSD in the Master/slave demographic, we tend to assume that it's the slaves with the problem, and the master's job is to help them deal with their issues. But many of us masters have histories of trauma and PTSD as well, and the prevailing culture in this demographic often discourages us from talking about that. We're supposed to pretend that we are always strong as a rock, and never flinch or get triggered. How do we learn to master around our scars, creating a framework where our trusted slaves can support us? Let's talk about how to be the one in charge while engaging in this ongoing struggle. This class is for M-types only (you get to self-identify).

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Spiritual Service: Serving the Server

Class Description

What happens when the slave serves the Master and the Master serves something larger ... which takes priority over everything, including the relationship? What does it take to be the slave in service to the slave to the world, or the future? This class by Raven and Joshua will talk about the spirituality of service on both sides of the slash, and how to keep it sustainable in the face of the greater path.

The Sacred Third - Transgender Spirituality

Class Description

Sex is sacred, and can be a source of great spiritual power and beauty. Walking the path of being the Sacred Third in this world can also be an integral and powerful part of one’s spirituality. Yet in general, few know what a cross-section of those two paths would look like. The surviving traditions of sacred sex, sex magic, and energy work do not have clear guidelines for the work of those of us whose souls, energy, and sometimes our bodies exist somewhere between male and female. What does sacred sexuality look like when we do it, in all our ambivalent glory?