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Master David and brynn

(Master David (He/Him), brynn (she/Her))

Profile Details

Master David and brynn are a 24/7 authority transfer based Master/slave couple from Bakersfield, California.

Master David is a Leatherman, a sadist, a mentor, and an educator. He is the founding director of MAsT: Bakersfield, and a member of the Bakersfield BDSM Munch group, MAsT: North Hollywood, and the Bakersfield Dominant Discussion Group.

brynn identifies as a bisexual, femme, leather girl, little, and bootblack. she is honored to be in loving service to her Master, Master David, for over 8 years. She is the secretary for MAsT: Bakersfield, secretary/treasurer of the San Joaquin girls of Leather, and is an active member of Bakersfield Bottoms Club and MAsT: North Hollywood.

Master David and slave brynn are passionate mentors, educators, and proud representatives of the Master/slave dynamic. They are founding members of the House of Dark Shadows, a Power Exchange focused, muilti-ethnic, and pansexual Leather House.

Together, they are the producers of FLAME Conference, a three-day entirely online educational event. They are honored to have been the 2017 SoCal Master and slave, 2018 Southwest Master and slave, and the 2019 International Master and slave titleholders. They are privileged to present, judge, and speak on a wide range of topics at events all over North America.

Who will be presenting:

Life on the Other Side of a Trust Violation

Class Description

Too many times we call it quits when the waters get rough. When trust is broken, we end the relationship instead of seeing if we can find a way through. In this class, Master David and brynn will talk about major trust violations in their relationship, and how they worked through them. We will discuss taking responsibility, discipline, communication, and forgiveness. We believe there is nothing that cannot be overcome by dedication to the relationship, and each other. Our hope is you will walk away with something to bring strength and longevity to your dynamic.

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