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April Kilduff, MA, LCPC


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April is a fully-licensed clinical therapist & clinical training director who specializes in anxiety/panic, OCD & autism utilizing evidence-based practices. Over the past decade she's worked in two intensive hospital treatment programs as well as in a traditional private practice setting. Personal experience with anxiety & panic attacks led her directly towards that specialization. She loves the simultaneous simplicity & complexity of OCD as well as how it pushes her curiosity & creativity buttons in order to effectively treat each person's idiosyncratic presentation of OCD. April also appreciates how treatable OCD can be & gets great satisfaction witnessing people go from being controlled by their OCD to in control of it.

Who will be presenting:

How To Handle Those 'Dirty' Thoughts You DON'T Want

Class Description

As kinksters, bizarre & unusual thoughts of a sexual &/or violent nature are pretty par for the course. But what happens when those thoughts stop being invited & become intrusive? Intrusive thoughts are a hallmark of OCD. Join this class, led by an OCD/Anxiety specialist who has helped countless people over the past decade change their relationship with these thoughts & drastically reduce the distress accompanying them.

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