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Carmilla Le Fanu


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Carmilla Le Fanu has been on the lifestyle for 11 years. S-type leaning switch, heavy masochist who sometimes will service Top on Impact and Petplay.

A pagan, poly, pansexual individual who identifies as she/her. Producer of "Dont Scare the Vanillas" in Puerto Rico (2015), where she also developed as an Abortion/Miscarriage Doula, Spiritual Mentor and bereavement companion. Many of her interests related to kink are Hypnosis, sadomasochism, BDSM Etiquette, 24/7 and Consent. She's obsessed with mental spaces and how to train the mind to adapt to change, chaos and development of resolution. Moved to Tampa after Hurricane Maria destroyed her island, she continues her pursuit of healing and helping others develop specializing in womb sexual health and ethical kink and ethical non monogamy. She offers classes on impact play, consent, negotiation and female vulval massage. Women sexual health and natural remedies are her fort'e...This caribbean womb witch works in hospitality full time and volunteers as a Doula part time online and in person. She brews her own teas and has a crazy obsession with snails, mushrooms and stingrays. Gotta pet them all!!

Who will be presenting:

Communication Through Analogies

Class Description

In her experience as a Mental Health advocate, alternative lifestyle coach and abortion doula, Carmilla has developed a series of analogies that allows the person to communicate more easy their mental state to their partner. It applies to both counterparts on the Power Exchange spectrum. It facilitates communication; specially for those who are still learning about their mental illness and/or are introverts or scared/shameful to express how they feel. A better way of portraying one's mindset and how it's affecting their interactions could help to avoid sub drops and top drops as well as strengthen the relationship for its continuous growth. Open to all kinksters.


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