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Courage in Accountability: Don’t Drink the Poison

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Being unable to forgive ourselves and others for a past mistake, or a collective wrongdoing can lead to physiological, spiritual and mental or emotional damage. Drawing from teachings on accountability and forgiveness as a guiding principle towards justice and healing, Eleven supports small groups to meet and see each other as flawed and imperfect creatures, good enough to belong despite these undeniable truths. Within an intimate container of small group ‘break outs’, participants craft the specific answers to questions that explore possibilities for making amends within our intimate relationships. Developing practices of accountability and installing them in our bodies can facilitate a shift in the landscape of mental wellbeing and community resilience necessary for these troubling times.


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I’ve been exploring the possibilities Leather, BDSM and Kink create my entire adult life. My coming out story includes a childhood game of caging my toys and only letting them out if they do what I say. It’s still pretty much like that, but more enduring, passionate and subversive.

I’m grateful to be rooted in justice, witchcraft, queer, BDSM and polyamorous communities in Amerika and Australia, that support and shape me and my connections to extraordinary people, like my noble and devoted Tomo and my beloved paramour of 10 years, face sauvage.

I tip my hat to all those who carved the paths I walk and work to keep the trails warm for those that will come, especially the creatives and non-conformists. I’ve educated, informed and entertained for over 20 years from on stage, behind a radio desk or typewriter and continue to find affinity to folks with a radical analysis of Empire, Patriarchy and Capital.

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