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Disability in 24/7 TPE

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SirGhee and angela car of DISIRability will be discussing "Disability and 24/7 total power exchange (TPE)" If you (or your partner(s)) have any type of disability or chronic illness, you won"t want to miss this! TPE is an option for anyone who desires it, even those of us with disabilities. SirGhee and angela will be sharing their story and experiences. angela was born with Spina Bifida and will discuss her personal journey entering the kink scene with a disability and how she eventually found her place as a slave. Sir Ghee will discuss his perspective as the Master of a disabled girl and how he manages his household. Ways of adapting rituals and protocols will also be discussed. Sir Ghee and angela have been in a 24/7 power exchange dynamic for the past five years. They are active members of the M/s community in Philadelphia, PA.


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Sir Ghee and angela

(SirGhee (He/him), slave_ela (she/her))

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SirGhee (He/him) has been involved in D/s relationships for almost 20 years in his private life and has been an active member of the Philadelphia kink community for the past 7 years. He has lead discussions at MsGathering on topics such as transparency and maintaining M/s relationships while vanilla life gets in the way. He is an active member of MAsT Philadelphia. SirGhee and ela have presented together at MAsT Philadelphia and MAsT Cherry Hill.

angela car (she/her) is a sex and kink positive disability educator born with Spina Bifida. Angela shares her unique perspective navigating relationships, sex, and intimacy. Angela came into the kink lifestyle 8 years ago and has been in a 24/7 total power exchange relationship serving SirGhee for the past five years. Angela's podcast called DISIRabilityALT explores disability, desire and alternative relationships. Angela is also an active member of MAsT Philadelphia and has lead discussions at MsGathering and other kink events.

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