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To Serve - The Basics

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You know in your heart you are meant to serve, to kneel, and to surrender. The feelings are deep and perhaps you cannot even grasp or define them, however you know they are there. You wonder though, what is the next step? How do I do this? What do I need to know? You have feelings of wanting to do the right thing, and you don't want to make a mistake, but don't know what that right thing is. Come learn the basics of service, and surrender. Tomo will provide slaves, submissives and others who serve with an outlined path to help you define for yourself what the right thing is for you and for the person you serve. We will discuss the basic skills that every servant should have, along with practical applications.





Presenter Bio

Tomo (She/Her) is a queer butch leatherdyke who found the leather community during a sunset motorcycle ride with her wife Mel over 25 years ago; and has presented classes, produced events, served as a judge, keynote speaker, auctioneer and emcee at leather events since. Tomo has been served by her boy levi for 14 years. She has recently fallen deeply in love with Eleven, her Lover and Dominant.

Tomo served as Northwest slave 2015 and International slave 2016/2021. Beginning in 2023, she will become the Owner and Producer of the International Master slave Contest and South Plains Leatherfest.  She was a Producer of Northwest Leather Celebration, the Northwest Master slave, Northwest Bootblack, and Northwest Person of Leather Contests.  She was also a Producer of International Ms Leather and International Ms Bootblack for seven years.  She

co-produces the Ms Sacramento Leather Contest and is a founding member of the D.U.C.

Tomo is the Director of MAsT: Sacramento, is a member and serves as Webmaster for Queer Leather Association Sacramento, has served as the West Coast Curator for the Leather Quilt Project, and is a member of MAsT: San Francisco and The Exiles. She was awarded the 2013 Pantheon of Leather President's Award, the 2018 Master slave Conference slave Heart Award, and the 2020 Vice President’s Award from the National Leather Association.

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