Brown Goddess

Pronouns: She/ her
58 Years Old
United States, New York,

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Brown Goddess has been a member of the BDSM community in New York since 1993. A left of Center Switch and FemDom, and the center of her Tribe abd proud owner of her stellar submissive zorf, she considers herself the amalgamation of those trailblazing Mentors, Elders and Leaders that took the time to usher her into the lifestyle with knowledge, nurturing and hands on skill sharing. True to her roots, Brown Goddess has provided various workshops, classes and presentations in and around Upstate NY and in the Midwest. An Extroverted Introvert, Brown Goddess has been content to share her skills and talent in small venues with BDSM special interest groups in and outside the United States for more than fifteen years. Brown Goddess calls Breathe community, her home dungeon and she considers herself lucky to share space with her wonderfully kinky dungeon mates. A member of MaST Kingston and an Associate member of ONYX Pearls Brown Goddess considers it her duty and honor as a Leatherwoman to exchange knowledge amd points of view with those she meets. 💜

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Brown Goddess

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  • She/Her

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