Pronouns: She/Her
103 Years Old
United States, South Carolina,

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Cynthia is a service-oriented, lesbian, ambiamorous, aspiring slave that has found a place in the leather community. She is delighted to serve two wonderful Owners, Lady Catherine and Jack, and happy to be Ma'am to Devaena.

Cynthia is currently the Volunteer Coordinator for SouthEast LeatherFest, the Onsite Event Manager for Twisting Culture, the SouthEast Regional Representative for MAsT International, Director of MAsT: Greenville, and a group leader of Piedmont Area Kinksters (PAK). Previously she founded Greenville’s Pathfinders and s-type groups, Georgia’s G.H.O.S.T group, and facilitated Atlanta’s Kinksters with Kids and P.R.I.M.E.  As a presenter she has taught classes on primal play, meshing spirituality and BDSM, creating a butler book, and various service-oriented topics.

Cynthia has a passion for organization, service, and volunteers. She can often be found staring at a spreadsheet or making labels with a smile on her face. She loves connecting with other members of the community and is always able to find a place for those willing to give of their time to fill up their heart through volunteering. 


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