Pronouns: She/her
98 Years Old
United States, South Carolina,

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Devaena (she/her) is a queer, service-oriented, switch who has started her leather path and proudly serves her Ma’am, Cynthia. She has been enthusiastically exploring the lifestyle since 2016 and enjoys serving her community through education and volunteering.  She has previously served on the board of the Spartanburg Socials and as the facilitator for the Upstate SC Polyamory Discussion Group.  Though currently a full-time student, she is happy to lend a hand to her community whenever she can and is delighted to have found a home with SELF as a Volunteer Assistant.  Her love for BDSM comes as much from the kinky, spanky fun stuff and trying new experiences as it does from a deep love of self-improvement, connection, and the healing that can only be found through pain.

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Devaena (she/her)

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  • She/Her
  • 24/7
  • They/Them

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