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60 Years Old
United States, Illinois, Chicago

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I am a queer Butch switch with many fetishes : flogging, knife play, paddling, needles, and squirting to name a few. On the right side of the slash, I identify as a masochistic bottom and a service submissive. On the left side of the slash, I identify as a Primal, Top, Daddy, and a Dominant. When playing in any role, I play with all of my heart and all of my sick and twisted mind. This BDSM life is who I am and I am awed and ecstatic to have found folks in 2 countries who have welcomed me back into it after a long hiatus and give me opportunities to learn and grow.

I have lived with suicidal ideation, unremitting clinical depression, and C-PTSD since I can remember. My 1st attempt on my life was at 10 years of age. It took 34 years to ask for and receive help, but I've been on a stable drug regimen for 6 years now and have made great strides with talk & EMDR therapy. 

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  • Butch switch
  • Primal

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Fetlife: BambambamSam54   please reach out if we conected this weekend, but remind me where we met/what we talked about, thanks!

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