Pronouns: He/him
55 Years Old
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Leo (He/ Him) is unapologetically authentic in how he lives his life, that is the cornerstone of his foundation. Embracing it with enthusiasm and a twisty sense of humor. This idea touches every aspect of who he is: Leather, Queer, spiritually focused, sadist, trans-masculine, Master.

Leo entered the BDSM scene in the late 1980s as a Leather Dyke. Self-mastery has always been at the forefront of his passions, of which he has many - including blood play, facilitating hook pulls, energy work and body modification, to name a few.  As the owner of Beyond Piercing, he has more than a passing fancy to all sharp things. He loves sharing his knowledge and skills with others.

He has been mentor, teacher, friend, student, Sir, Daddy and Master (to a select few) and is honored to facilitate spiritual journeys. He’s been an active member of MAsT, COLLAR and a variety of other organizations. Leo is in long-term addiction recovery and has worked as an addiction counselor, victims advocate and in crisis intervention.  He’s been practicing authority exchange relationships since 2005. After an 8-year sabbatical while recovering from a car accident he is thrilled to be back more passionate than ever.

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