slave Charles

Pronouns: he/him
66 Years Old
United States, Washington, D.C.,

Thrive Virtual Conference Bio:

slave charles is owned by Lady O, Master of the House of Rubicon. Kinky most of his life, slave charles found his path into our reality in 2008 as a charter member of the Baldwin Alternative Lifestyle Leather Society (BALLS) in Alabama, where her was mentored by Master Robert and his slave Jo.  slave charles moved to Washington DC for work in 2011, and subsequently met Lady O.   She introduced him  to total authority based relationships. he has grown in the Master and slave community ever since. In 2017 at the MsC slave charles was awarded the slave Heart Award

slave charles leads the Northern Virginia slaves and submissives (NVss) group.  he is active in MAsT Washington and MAsT DC Pan. he is a graduate of MTTA, where he currently serves as a staff member. He is also a graduate of the Butchmanns Experience. slave charles’ volunteer activities include the Master/slave Conference, the Crucible, Camp Crucible, and the Baltimore Playhouse. He also co-teaches a presentation skills class, Finding Your Voice, with Master Ben. 

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  • slave
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  • He/Him

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