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Hope Lythi, the visionary founder of KinkSchool, is a dynamic force in the world of kink education. With a fervent belief in making education accessible to all, especially in rural areas, Hope has transformed KinkSchool into a beacon of inclusive learning.

Her journey began in Toronto, where she immersed herself in the vibrant kink community, learning from organizations like Deviant Toronto, Second Circle, and Subspace Toronto. Fueled by a desire to share knowledge, she founded KinkSchool to bridge educational gaps in the digital era.

Hope's teachings extend from rope play to mental health, with a focus on intersectionality. In her pre-COVID days, she hosted local munches, creating safe spaces for kinksters of all backgrounds.

As the kink community evolves, Hope continues to collaborate with event hosts, sharing insights on safety and inclusivity. Her dedication to mental health and fostering a supportive community shines through her virtual and in-person classes.


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