Lord Allen aka pup juniper

Pronouns: they/them
24 Years Old
United States, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City

Thrive Virtual Conference Bio:

Lord Allen/ pup juniper (they/them) is a budding BDSM educator and podcast host on The Kinky Tavern. Allen believes that Leather, kink, BDSM, and education in general should be more accessible and a safe space for all who wish to participate. “Leather started as activism and that is the heart of Leather.” 


Through their classes and through other educational channels such as the podcast, they aspire to influence the accessibility of the community and the education provided within it, educating community leaders and participants on the intricacies of neurodivergence, kink, BDSM, Leather, and sex in a more accessible way. “We all must be accountable and try to make this community a better place”


Allen is transgender, nonbinary, asexual, and polyamorous; currently living with their nesting partner and handler, Roskoe, and long distance with their Princexx, Mx. Dizzy, also a host of The Kinky Tavern. In kink, they follow RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) and believe that “kink doesn't always have to be serious, it can also be very fun and playful.” Allen enjoys their own play as a hellhound, service submissive, bootblack, and sadist, using plain language to communicate in-scene instead of safewords. 


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Lord Allen

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I identify as:

  • Pup
  • They/Them
  • bootblack

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