Pronouns: they/she
37 Years Old
United States, Texas, Austin

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Hihi, im Meep, MeepHasQuestions on fetlife...

AuDHD+++ lost little, chronically ill...I elaborate on fet on who and what im seeking as far as CG/MD/DD/ mentors, bigs, friends, etc. I also LOOOOVE making other friends who are littles as well.

 I am shy, but friendly. I LOVE GAMES (Not mind games, but lots of others, like chess and sunhaven!)

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I identify as:

  • Little/baby
  • They/Them
  • 24/7
  • She/Her

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You can add me on fetlife, just message me and let me know what we attended together and why you wanna connect: Tell me about your thoughts and experiences with neurodivergence and bdsm!


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