Charlie Doll

Pronouns: They/He/It
24 Years Old
United States, Utah, Centerville

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Charlie Doll (they/he/it) tumbled into the Utah BDSM community ass over Dolly wig in 2017, leaving the pageant stage and landing safely in a bed of leather.  Charlie Doll is the 2022 Rocky Mountain Person of Leather. As a leather person with varied interests and skills, Charlie is most succinctly a polyamorous sadomasochistic switch with a deep love of our community and the people in it.  For them, the leather community is much like their gifted leather - it needs to fed, sustained, and cared to thrive and shine. Charlie is passionate about creating accessible spaces and open dialogues, even when the topic is uncomfortable and necessary, and is not intimidated by naysayers.  Make no mistake, skirts and heels don’t equal girl because this human is a Bimbo with a capital B.  Charlie is the founder and owner of Bimbos of Utah as well as the creator of the Bimbo Pride flag.  They run Utah Leaf and Leather as well as maintain memberships with B.I.M.B.O.S., Utah Ageplay Scouts, and PLAID.  Charlie is #hornyforhelping and enjoys presenting as a sex and BDSM educator, organizing events, and professional sex work.


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Charlie Doll

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  • He/Him
  • 24/7
  • They/Them

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