Pronouns: She/her
39 Years Old
Netherlands, North Holland, Haarlem

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Hi, I am @D_Moon_ (she/her), a Dutch D type and general kinky weirdo.
I have been exploring the BDSM as a sadist, fetishist, domme, hedonist and basically all around kinkster since my early twenties. 

My dayjob is coaching and teaching both adolescents and adults in technical subjects, communication and social skills. I train and coach other teachers as well in both their professional and personal development and getting their degree. Currently exploring the field of occupational therapy too. I am also trained in (core and western European) shamanic techniques and currently receiving training in traditional Siberian shamanism as well. I am NOT a shaman though. I try to incorporate the "shamanic way" in almost every aspect of my life, including kink. I am also a big fan of rituals, sacred kink/sex, etc. Over the years I had the honour to help quite a lot of people shape their rituals and ceremonies (Collaring, handfasting, parting, etc.) and incorporate ritual work in their daily and/or kink life. Feel free to contact me if you have questions regarding any of this.

Being a teacher, organiser, coach and workshop host in “nilla” live, these worlds started to overlap once I got more engaged and active in the scene.
Community wise: I co-founded and co-host the Haarlem (all gender) munch since 2015, (co-)organize several smaller events around my hometown and like to help out other organisers/presenters.
In 2018 I (co-)hosted my first two public playparties and one of those (BoobyBash, womxn) became a recurring event. Also the co-organiser of a workshop day/mini conference which is part of a womxn weekend (wicked womxn weekend) in Amsterdam. This is an initiative and collaboration of several organisers in the womxn/WLINTA/Kink scene and 2023 will be the second edition of this happening.

Teaching workshops and doing performances on a regular basis gives me the opportunity to go to lots of great events and meet awesome people. I taught classes on various subjects (from communication to edgeplay and from pervertables til public speaking) at lots of big and smaller kink events in and outside of Holland. I also teach private classes and occasionally guide or mentor "fresh" kinksters or people looking for something new. 
Some random features and likes: heavy and folk music, cosplayer, foodie, cis, pagan, shamanic practioner, gray-a pansexual, teacher, technician, leather, latex, (historical and modern) cook, ADHD, adventurous, curious, pirate, humor, mama bear, fantasy, spoonie, writing, tattoos, sci-fi, fire dancer.

You can find (more info about) me on Fetlife: Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/users/5244022

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